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My Pal Violet by Leapfrog

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

This is one of the most adorable toys you'll ever see in the store. It's bright-colored, has a cute voice, sings songs, talks, laughs, and is a puppy dog! How can you resist My Pal Violet, or My Pal Scout, for a boy? Turns out that no one can. This toy has crossed our hands 4 times so far. Lil Bel absolutely loves it, and would have loved to have 4 of them, but we had to pass them on to 3 better homes.

How did we end up with four of them? The story goes like this. Last Christmas, I saw it at the store and fell in love with it. After having bought enough Christmas presents for Lil Bel, I decided to buy it for her little best friend. When I brought it home, Daddy liked it so much that he wanted to keep it for Lil Bel. So we did.

Did I mention it's programmable? You can hook it up to your computer via the included USB cable and pick out cute songs from their web site, download your baby's name, favorite food, color, and animal. It was this computer gadget quality that got Daddy's attention.

I went back to the store to buy it again for our little friend. But alas, they were sold out. Of course, for such a great toy :-)
A few months after Christmas passed, I saw it again and bought it for Bel's friend as a "just because" gift. Hubby also programmed our friend's name and favorites. That's how the second one crossed our hands.

Long story short, the 3rd and 4th ones were gifts from other people who instantly fell in love with the toy at the store, too. Needless to say, every little girl would probably love to have one of these. Everyone seems to know that, or at least us, our friends, and Lil Bel.

It wasn't until she was about 11 months that she learned how to press the paws by herself. Before that, we pressed them for her. Each four paws makes sound. One has upbeat songs, one has little conversations, one has bedtime lullabies, and one barks. Lil Bel's favorite is the upbeat songs, which has her name, favorite food, animal, and color incorporated into some of the songs. But she presses the paw multiple times until her favorite song comes on: "If You're Happy and You Know it, Clap Your Hands". If your child has a favorite song, chances are it is in the list of downloadable songs.

For all the cuteness that it is, and all that it does (programmable personalization), it is a great deal at $15-20. Most musical toys at that price don't let you upload your baby's name and favorites. So if your little girl doesn't have one, or if you are sure your friend or niece doesn't have one :-), then I would definitely recommend My Pal Violet, or My Pal Scout for a boy.

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