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Re-Heater Instant Heat Pack, 6 x 18 - Neck & Shoulders

by Quantum
 (4.0 stars from 2 customer reviews)

List Price: Not Available
  • Ideal for All Joint & Muscle Pain
  • Instant Heat - Just Click the Button & Presto!
  • Re-usable - Use it Over & Over, 100's of Times
  • Portable - No Electricty, Wires or Microwaving Required - Just Click The Button
  • Safe - Will Not Burst

Product Description
Product Description
The Re-Heater heat packs are simply amazing. They provide instant, portable and reusable heat, anywhere at anytime with just a push of a button. They are re-usable for years, easy to re-activate and quick to warm up to 130 degrees by the press of a button. The Re-Heater heat packs provide relief of stiff necks, backaches, muscle soreness, menstrual cramps, hypothermia and many other situations. Use them as heating units or medical aid heat packs anytime and anywhere with just a push of a button. The ingredients are highly concentrated salt and a little water. Our heat packs are completely safe and non-toxic. All our heat packs are designed for travel. You can use them in the personal comfort of your home, office or on the road. They are ideal for hunting, skiing, boating, fishing or any other outdoor activity. You will never have to worry again about having instant, portable, reusable heat when you have our Re-Heater heat packs with you.

Customer Reviews

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Does What It's Supposed To Do, October 11, 2011
This product works as it should. It gets warm enough for relief when needed & stays warm for a good amount of time (I've had this stay warm for at most an hour & a half, but usually 40 minutes is what you get). The downside with all of these types of heat packs is the process of heating it back up. It's really annoying to have to wrap this thing up in a towel & boil it for 20-30 minutes & pull it out with tongs while it's scolding hot. The fun part is trying to unwrap it from the towel without burning the tips of your fingers off....the stuff you don't read about in the descriptions.

5.0 out of 5 stars Works great for Migraine relief, December 7, 2013
This has worked great time and again. I originally purchased this for my dad for a shoulder injury but have used it many times myself as I find it helps for my migraines. relief

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