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Dinosaur Dig

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Today in Homeschool, we studied dinosaurs again. I had gotten this dinosaur sand toy set and wanted to use if for a dinosaur dig in our sandbox out back. I started off by talking to my 4yo about dinosaurs and how we know they were here verses other animals that we have seen at the zoo.

Then I read the kids a book about dinosaurs. I like The Day of the Dinosaur. It is a little outdated but it is very good for this age. It talks about a few different dinosaurs, what they are like, what they eat, why we don't see them anymore, and how scientists know they existed. It got the kids all prepared for their dinosaur dig.

Last of all, I let them watch a couple of short Youtube videos of real dinosaur digs.

Then I let them wait inside while I burried the dinosaur sand molds in our sand box in the back yard. I gave them each some digging tools and let them have at it. They had lots of fun doing the dig and my 4yo wanted to go digging some more after all the pieces were found. She wanted to dig all over the back yard.

Finally when they came in, my 4 yo told me that she didn't think the dinosaurs died in the sandbox and that I put the pretend bones there. And she could tell they were not real dinosaur bones. She asked if someday we could go on a real dinosaur dig.

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