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Evolution of Drawing Faces

Saturday, October 26, 2013

I remember being really impressed the first time I saw her draw a face. I don't remember exactly when that was. But as time went on, and her drawing skills improved, I wanted to document her evolution of drawing faces. I haven't been really great at dating all of her work, but started doing that this summer when I started doing homeschool worksheets with her.

Again, I wish I had dated this, but this was probably done this year. At this point, mouths go all the way across the face. Scribbles are words, like a story book that has words and pictures.

 This one includes ears, arms, and legs.


This drawing has multiple faces (symbolizing people together or interacting). And one of the faces has tears. The mouths no longer go all the way across the whole face, they are more proportionate. The faces now have noses, eyebrows, and lines on the foreheads.


And now we've got a smile :-)


Wow, a little more of a realistic hairdo here.


Now we have eyeballs and a beard in this one.


Here we have a little scene. A sunny day with blue skies. And two little people out enjoying the day.


A close up of the little people. She says this is herself and her boyfriend (who she can't stop talking about)


A face drawn using multiple colors, and the person standing on some grass.


And now we have some eyelashes


I can't say that I draw any better than this, but I will continue to post her face drawings as they come!

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