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Homeschool for a 2-1/2 year old

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Hard to believe that Baby J is a preschooler now. He is going to be 3 this fall/winter. So homeschool activities have begun. Flash cards have been ok for learning letters and numbers. But they are a little boring for the 2-3yo. Still, I have used them because they are easy to pull out and also to take places.

The Melissa & Doug Alphabet Sound Puzzle has been a fun one for him. It is a colorful wooden puzzle that says each letter when you put it in place. This has been doable for Baby J lately. And he enjoys doing puzzles. I ask him what each letter is before he puts it in place.

I've also started doing worksheets with him because his big sister does worksheets, and he wants to do whatever she does. I am using the Summer Bridge Activities Grades PK-K with him now (as I used for his sister a year ago). It seems to be a good place to start. There is shape recognition, coloring, basic tracing, counting, like objects, finding similar and different objects, basic mazes, and more. So far, he has been able to do the activities in the book, with a little help.

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