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Monday, December 23, 2013

Blocks have been the type of toy that has stood the test of time in our household. They are often touted as being one of the best toys for children. At first, I thought they we boring toys. But after 4 years, I realize that they have been a go-to for myself as well as for Dad and the kids when its playtime.

Since Daddy has taken a strong interest in legos lately, they have been a big hit with the kiddos as well. We have a "kids" lego bin, which includes spare parts from various lego kits, miscellaneous lego figures, as well as a couple of "pick a brick" selections that we have bought.

I was a bit worried about our daughter's creativity for a little while, since she seems to need me to play with her and interact with her when she plays with her dolls and other toys. (As opposed to her little brother who seems to engage himself deeply in finding different and "out-of-the-box" ways of playing with toys.) But she has surprised me lately, with the interesting structures she has built with this spare parts lego collection.

Here is one of her latest creations:

Not sure quite what it is, but I'd call it art :-) It was something she built using her imagination, so I'm thrilled about it!

The Cinderella Castle Lego Duplo Kit is another favorite right now. We had bought this within the past year, but put it away for a while, and recently took it back out. And it is a big hit, now.

Our daughter, who just turned 4, can now build it almost entirely by herself by following the directions that came with the kit. After building it, she enjoys playing with the Cinderella and prince figures that it came with. There are beds, a staircase, table and chairs, and other fun parts to this castle.

Her little brother enjoys playing with it, too. But being only 2 years old, he ends up eventually collapsing the castle.

But its lots of fun, and makes me feel like buying a hundred more of these Duplo building sets. It looks like they are phasing this one out, though. And coming out with a new one, that is not duplos, but regular legos for ages 6-12. Its called Cinderella's Romantic Castle. I put it on her wish list for later :-)

We also have the Lego Duplo Creative Cakes set, which we received as a gift for our daughter's 3 year birthday. It has been a favorite toy for both her and her brother this past year. They love building all kinds of different cake creations with it. It comes with candles, frosting, cupcake cups, and more. And it got little toddler J to practice singing "Happy Birthday" to all the members of our family!

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