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13 Months

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Has it already been a month since her 1st birthday?!

She's finally returned to eating a few more solids again. She loves rice, white or fried. She'll usually eat some chicken along with the rice, as well. I continually offer her all kinds of solids. But chicken and rice seem to be the only things that she's eating pretty consistently, now.

She's got a new bottom front tooth now and a new molar! So now she's got a total of 4 top front teeth, 3 bottom ones, and 1 molar.

Her favorite words are "Da" for daddy, "mama" for several different things, and I think she's starting to say "Hi". She seems to be understanding a lot more. When we ask her where something or someone is, such as Elmo, ducky, daddy, mommy, and even grandma, she points to them. She can pick out the snack that she wants to eat amongst other snacks. She makes a sound points to what she wants to look at or play with, such as a plant, a specific toy, or other item. She pulls at my shirt when she wants to nurse. I think she is becoming happier because she is learning to communicate her needs and wants, and therefore gets to have them fulfilled better.

Her walking is getting more solid, although she still seems to put her right leg forward more as she walks. When we got to public places like stores or restaurants, she loves to explore, walking up and down the aisles and looking at brightly colored things.

When in a large baby class setting, she still gets a little clingy and would rather hang out with me than play with other babies. But in quieter settings at home, she loves the company of another baby and interacts with them a lot. She must get overwhelmed with big groups in public places. My mom said that maybe she's afraid that someone might do something to her. Or maybe she's just afraid she'll lose me in the crowd.

Little Bookworm
Her love of books seems to be increasing more and more. Everyday she wants to be read to at all times of the day. She keeps grabbing books and bringing them to me and Daddy. Her attention span for books is improving as she becomes more familiar with each book, and she also likes flip books, with peek-ah-boo flaps. Touch and feel books have always been fun for her as well.

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