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15 Months

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bel has advanced quite a bit since my last Tod Blog entry. She has gotten pretty good at navigating a fork with food on it into her mouth. We have to help her stab the food onto it, but then she gets it into her mouth by herself. She enjoys it so much that she insists on feeding herself that way rather than us feeding her. She still uses her fingers to eat when she's really hungry and doesn't have patience for the fork. We just got her some baby forks to use, since the tines are not as sharp as regular forks.

She hasn't been in a high chair for a couple months now. She just sits on the regular chair (without a booster, which she kept falling off of) or on our laps while she eats. She's pretty good about staying on the chair safely. I just don't like when she stands on the chair to reach the table better, which she does mostly when she's coloring. We got her a little kid table set which she loves, but she also likes sitting with us at the big table.

Her coloring skills have also gotten a lot better. She has gone past making single line marks on a page and now goes back and forth scribbling. She loves to color and loves crayons (and pens :-S). So I bought her another couple of coloring books and more washable crayons (since she broke most of the first set). I even bought a small coloring book to take while we're out to give her something fun to do when she gets bored at a restaurant or a meeting.

She's saying a lot more words and trying to talk by mumbling things to herself or to us that sounds like full sentences. She can say and identify a baby, ball, bird, puppy, and moon, among other things. She is becoming an expert at making most animal sounds when you ask "what does a cow/horse/sheep/doggie/monkey say?". She says "oh oh!" when she drops something like a toy or her shoe falls off. Funny thing though is that she begins many words with a "B". Apple becomes "bapple", up becomes "bup".

She loves Elmo but can't really say "Elmo" so she just sings "la la la" (Elmo's song) whenever she sees Elmo or you mention his name. Speaking of singing, she tries to sing along with songs she likes, like "Elmo's Song" and "Hey Soul Sister". She mostly sings that long notes. She's getting pretty good at matching pitches.

Her newest accomplishment is that she can now stand on the trampoline at My Gym, gently bouncing on her feet. She hasn't learned to jump yet, but she was pretty excited that she graduated from just sitting on the trampoline. I'm sure it won't be long before she catches air on it! The trampoline is still by far her favorite apparatus at My Gym. Second fav would be the slide.

She had her 15 month well baby check up the other day. Two more shots! But she did really well. She knew when shot time was, though. She knows it's when the assistant comes in with the tray of syringes and puts on the latex gloves! She's growing pretty much average across the board. I'm so thankful for a healthy baby!

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