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18 Month Little Boy

Monday, June 03, 2013

He's learning how to role play now. He takes his Elmo doll and has a conversation with it. He stuck a clothespin in its mouth and said "No!", and then "OK" (says Elmo) and takes it out of his mouth. He also has Elmo and his Prince doll have conversations.

He just loves Elmo. I don't know why because we haven't really encouraged Elmo with him (like we did his sister). But after watching one or two Sesame Street shows, he's somehow hooked on Elmo. He pulls his sister's Elmo PJs out of her drawer, he spots Elmo everywhere, and he asks for Elmo when I put him in his carseat because I gave him Elmo one time in his carseat.

He is learning a lot of words and is able to communicate with us pretty well. He seems to understand most of what we say to him. He responds with yes, no, or OK. He is starting to clean up his own mess, toys and other activities. Sometimes he even does it without being asked. I wonder if that is from watching his sister do it (she's getting a lot better at it, too).

I've seen him take out a baggie with markers and a notepad from a drawer. A while later, I opened the drawer and found that he had put them back into the baggie and back into the drawer after he had colored with them. He has also put back almost all the playing cards that he dumped out of a box. He had been sitting there for a while, and I didn't know what he was doing. Finally he came to me with most of the deck put back in the box and said "All done!"

He is pretty good at entertaining himself, finding interesting things to get into, and getting creative about playing with things in various different ways. Definitely an out-of-the-box thinker. I'm glad he's creative, because I'm not. He must take after his daddy. Right now, he is sitting here next to me attaching markers together bottoms to caps.

His temper tantrums are pretty mild so far, compared to others I've seen. He screams pretty loudly when he gets frustrated and hits and throws things. But it is short lived and easily consolable and controlable. When I tell him don't hit or don't throw, he usually modifies his behavior and tones it down. He is pretty good at managing his emotions. But he definitely gets defiant and tests the limits, which is normal toddler behavior. He's only 18 months, so there is much more toddler development to witness.

He loves music and loves to dance. He also enjoys watching others dance. He was mesmerized by his big sister's tap dance routine. His sister is BIG into dance, especially ballet. We'll see where his interests develop as he gets older.

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