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Almost 2 Years Old

Thursday, October 06, 2011

She's going to be 2 years old this month, and she's hit new milestones already. She started pronouncing L's correctly, instead of always sounding them out as a "y". She started saying "hello" rather than "heyyo" and "balloon" instead of "bayyoon". 

She's singing along with songs a lot more. And for the first time she had a phone conversation today, rather than just listening and answering yes or no questions. She talked to grandpa, and answered most of his questions in phrases, and said "Hi Grandpa".

She loves to do art. We got her an art table, and she is starting to get better fine motor skills and coordination. She is starting to color within the lines well. We also got her a rubber stamp set, and she loves to make stamp impressions and then color them in.

We got her a set of dot paints, and she can open and close the caps, as well as most other screw on capped things. When she puts them back, she lines them up nicely, with the words facing front. She loves to use many different colors, and just bits of each. She likes to use different types of media, like markers, crayons, colored pencils, dot paints, and rubber stamps. 

We also got her a peel and stick sticker kit that has scenes for the various stickers, and she is able to position the stickers onto the proper places pretty well. 

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