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Baby's 2nd Christmas

Sunday, December 26, 2010

We finally got our Christmas tree a couple of days before Christmas. Baby Bel was so excited about it. We went to Home Depot, and she saw all the Christmas trees there, saw Daddy strap one onto the car, lug it into the house and put it up. She loved every minute of it, especially putting up the ornaments. We had little fake bird ornaments, and she loved petting them :-)

The tree was a little dried out, so I think next time we might go to a U-cut and have one cut down fresh so that it lasts longer.

We didn't get too many gifts for her this year because she made out good for her birthday, plus all the garage sale finds we got last summer for her. But she enjoyed opening the few presents that she got from us and family.

For Christmas, we went to a friend's house and let Baby Bel play with her other baby friend. They had such a great time chasing each other around the dining table, sharing toys with each other, and even climbing into a basket together!

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