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Baby Dress Up

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

She's gotten past the read-a-book-to-me-constantly phase. And now she's into the put on clothes and shoes phase. It started about a week ago when one day she sat on the floor for quite sometime intently trying to put her shoe on her foot. When that didn't work, she let out some fussy cries, so I helped her. She immediately took it off and tried it again. And again and again.

The next day, she repeated this adventure with pants. She was able to get one leg in, and then became fussy again. But since then, this has been her daily hobby. We went to her baby friend's house yesterday, and she started pulling clothes out of her closet and trying to put them on. Everything from socks, to pants, and even tights. She doesn't get beyond one leg in, and no shoes on. So I put her friend's sweater on her, and she walked away satisfied.

On a different note, she's starting to eat more solid foods again. I don't know if it's because two of her molars came in, and now she's taking a breather before cutting any more of them. But tonight, she ate a whole bunch just because our friend was feeding her. It was like she was being cute and good for our friend, eating just about everything she put in her mouth. Wow, I wish she could eat like that when we feed her. No, but she is starting to again... sometimes.

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