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Ballerina Princess

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Her 3rd birthday is approaching, next month. Wow, she grows up so quickly. She is still into princesses and loves to play dress up and make believe. Her speech has become a lot more advanced, she is starting to sound like a more grown up kid when she talks. We have to make sure we handle the back-talk properly so it doesn't get out of hand.

We took her to the Puyallup Fair last week. It was her first fair. She had lots of fun riding different rides, including her first roller coaster. But she still holds that in memory as being the scariest part of the fair. It was a small kids roller coaster, but she sat in the front seat and said she screamed when it went down the hill. But she didn't cry, and it didn't stop her from riding other rides. She also played some kiddie fair games and loves the little toys that she won. It was fun and a priceless experience for me to watch her experience the fair. 

Her new favorite thing to do is jump. She watched some kids do it at the mall play area and now loves to do it. If not at the mall, she jumps down a few stairs, off the couch onto a pile of pillows, and wherever she can make it work.

She has also started back up with her ballet class. She enjoys that so much, too. She has a few old friends in the class, so that makes it even more fun. I was amazed at how she is actually retaining some of what she learned and easily learns more, like "first position" and "passe". 

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