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Bored with Coloring

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

For the past couple of months, she was totally in awe with coloring. It was her favorite thing to do. First thing in the morning, she would go sit down and color. At restaurants before the food came, she would color. While I as cooking dinner, she would color. But since we got back from Kauai, she's sort of lost interest in coloring. It no longer serves as the best primary distraction for anything. Of course, this happened right after I had gone out and bought a whole bunch of coloring books. Go figure....

But now she is enthralled with her Little People Sweet Sounds Home. She plays with it every day, several times a day. She loves all the sound effects that the home has. The baby sounds and lullabies coming from the baby crib, the fax/phone sounds, and the kittens meowing. She loves to role play with the mom, dad, baby, and kitty that the home came with. We also got her a Little People SUV that she loves to play along with the home. It's simple, but she loves to play with cars and it has a few nice sound effects and a song.

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