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First Hair Cut

Sunday, January 20, 2013

She's enjoying her brother more and more. They are both enjoying each other. Now that he is 14 months old, he is able to play and interact with his big sister better and better. They walk around the house together. They love each other's company. Sharing and taking turns is getting a little better, too.

He's slowly learning words here and there. He says "up" as "bup", oddly the same as his sister did when she was first learning to talk. He can of course say "dada", "mama" when he's desperate (sleepy/tired). He tries to say his sister's name. He can say "book". I think one of his sister's first words was "ball". It's surprising that his isn't ball because he loves playing with balls. But I guess I'm always reading books to his sister as well as to him. So I guess it makes sense that it would be book.

He got his first hair cut a week ago. He did really well and sat mostly still. He was happy throughout it, so that was more than half the battle. It is such a cute cut. Makes him look like a real boy.

He is still pretty wobbly when he walks, especially when he is tired, even though he has been walking for about 3 months now. He started around 11 months old. He jumped with both feet off the ground for the first time yesterday. And sometimes he runs. He's a real daredevil, climbing on everything and walking everywhere.

It is so cute watching them play together. They are such a joy and keep me very busy. 

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