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Hello Moon!

Monday, January 10, 2011


Her vocabulary is increasing, just as the child development articles said it would. Her new words she uses appropriately are "hi", "bye-bye",  "please", and "moon". Daddy taught her how to say "please" whenever she wants something :-) She started saying "moon" after several times of pointing out moons (and stars) in her nighttime books, like Goodnight Moon and Pajama Time. She also enjoys pointing out the moon in the constellation projection from her Twilight Lady Bug light. Now she says "moon" whenever she sees the little crescent up in the sky. She also repeats certain words or sounds we make like "tutu" and "oh-oh!"

She hasn't yet been able to pronounce her baby friends' names. Although some of her friends can say her name. But she does recognize her friends' names. When I say, where is so-and-so, she can point them out in a photo or in a crowd of people. And she definitely knows Grandma. She can also pair animal sounds with the animal names. When we say "monkey", she makes the monkey sound. The same goes for doggies, kitties, horses, and other animals.

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