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Last Day of Daycare

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Today was Baby Bel's last day of daycare. Although she really enjoys the activities there, she would rather I be there with her. Which would defeat the purpose of daycare. So I put in our notice today. For now, she'll be a drop in as needed, and we might start back up in the fall, after she turns 2.

Well, the time to myself was fun while it lasted. But I guess being a stay-at-home-mom means caring for her myself. Hubby said he can help watch her so that I can work on the home business. And I've got friends who can watch her if I have a doctor's appointment or something. And if I get really desperate, I can look for a mother's helper.

But for now, I feet too guilty bringing her to daycare when she's crying at home just from me mentioning it, and screaming in the car when we get to the parking lot. It was a great little home daycare, and I think it would be the perfect daycare for her if I ever need to take her again. 

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