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New Words Everyday

Monday, May 09, 2011

Bel's vocabulary has been growing. She quickly learns, within one teaching, new words for new items, like rock or crow, etc. As far as putting words together, the only thing I've noticed is "Bye Bye, Emily". Other than that, it's mostly one word here and there. But it's been very useful in communicating with her.

She can tell us what she wants to eat, like rice, blueberries, or milk. She can say her friends' names. She can tell us what she wants to play with, like a book, Elmo, or, her kitty.

And she's getting better at following directions. Like the other day when she had a poopy diaper. I told her to go tell Daddy that she had poo-poo. She walks down the hall, and next thing you know, Daddy is chasing her down to change her diaper. He said she came up to him and said "Daddy, poo-poo", and pointed to her diaper. 

When it's time to eat, I holler out "It's ready!". If Daddy doesn't show up at the table right away, Bel finds him and says "Daddy! Ready!" She comes running back with Daddy and says "Eat, eat!". 

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