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Nostalgia of a 3-month-old

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Today we went to a play date to meet up with some friends and their similarly-aged babies/toddlers. It was lots of fun, as usual. But this time, one of our friends also brought a 3 month old baby that she has been babysitting twice a week. He was so adorable. Made me realize how I have forgotten so much about when Lil Bel was that age.

I tried to remember what the days were like then. I fed her a lot more, and she slept a lot more. I used to do her neck exercises for her torticollis. I used to give her Zantac for her acid reflux. I think she started cooing around that age. I also realized that I never wanted to be away from her.

I couldn't imagine having someone babysit her at that age, like my friend was doing for that baby. She was doing a great job. But then she also told me that he is in Kindercare the other 3 weekdays that she's not watching him. And that's when I felt so fortunate that I could stay home with the baby. I would not want to go back to work after 3 months or so and not see my precious baby for 10 hours every week day. I would feel like I was missing out on all her new developments.

Now with a young toddler, my days are spent mostly running around after her. I take her to a lot of baby groups and classes. That keeps her days interesting and fun. When I'm at home with her, I don't get too imaginative. We play with her toys, read books, eat, and nap. I sometimes get wrapped up in getting household things done, and have her play by herself.

But when we are out at baby classes, there are much more things to play with and apparatus for her to climb on and slide down. We learn fun songs that have movement associated with them, like "The Noble Duke of York". And best of all, we hang out with friends, and she learns to be social. It does get expensive with all the classes and play groups, but she really enjoys it and is making some good friends.

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