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Our 1 Year Old

Monday, October 25, 2010

Year two with our baby girl is a new adventure for us. The first year was a whirlwind of new and exciting experiences that I will always remember. The second year will be filled with walking, running, talking, and a whole lot more.

Her newest milestone, thankfully, is learning how to go down the stairs safely. She learned this just about on her birthday, or maybe even the night before. She's not an expert at it yet, but she is pretty consistent in coming down backwards, feet first. She loves to climb up everything and anything. And now she knows how to get down safely. I tried her on a small flight of stairs, spotting her from behind. But she almost fell backwards on one step, just because she ended up sitting down backwards on the step, and there's not much room to sit and hang out there.

She is still not quite walking on her own yet, although she spends a lot of time on her feet, cruising. She also likes holding our hands and walking around that way. Everyone says that once she gets walking, I'll be chasing her around everywhere. (Maybe I'll lose some weight doing that). I'm partially looking forward to her walking because I don't like her crawling around the floor in stores and restaurants. But then again, I wouldn't want her wandering off on her feet either... I thought about getting one of those leash things, but not sure yet. Some people say they look bad, but for safety's sake, it sounds like a good idea.

She hasn't weaned from nursing yet. From the looks of it, it doesn't seem like it's going to happen soon, either. It seems kinda weird nursing a toddler, but so many of our friends still do it. So I guess I don't feel too out-of-the-norm. I've tried giving her more solid foods and whole milk. But in the end, she still wants to nurse. I've been told it's a comfort thing. But coddling and snuggling doesn't seem to do the trick either. I figure it's a matter of time. I think she senses me trying to wean her, and it's only making her want it more.

Today she went to her first Halloween party of the year. There are a few more coming up this week. She dressed up as a... I don't really know... a fairy butterfly??? It was just a pretty costume that looked like just a fancy dress. Something I thought she could tolerate wearing for a while, which she did quite well. Then I just added some butterfly wings that I had bought separately. It worked, it was cute.

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Comment By Littlethings
Tuesday, October 26, 2010 12:14 AM
Some of her favorite activites now are riding on my knees or other items as if on a horse, crawling into confined spaces, like forts and underneath tables, and going inside ball pits (that aren't too deep).

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