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Real Boy

Friday, May 31, 2013

You would think that hanging around his big sister all the time and her girlfriends, and being surrounded by girly toys, he would naturally gravitate toward girly things. Well he does love jewelry, but those are shiny, sparkly, clangy things, who wouldn't love those. Oh and he does love to play with makeup, but again, that's more like art supplies to toddlers.

But despite all that, he gravitates towards Spiderman PJs, Elmo toothpaste, Star Wars books, and Lightning McQueen shoes. He finds the few cars, trucks, and choo-choos that we have burried in piles of pink plastic toys and scoots them around. He loves to pretend sword fighting, or lightsaber fighting, with anything he can find, like toy golf clubs, or any long stick. So somehow, he manages to be a "real" boy. I am surprised to see it happening. Amongst all the dolls we have around the house, he seems to favor the Princes and Peter Pan. I used to think that it was a societal thing that forced boys to like cars, trucks, fencing, and "boyish" things. But maybe some of this stuff is pre-programmed in.

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