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Shape Sorting & Puzzles

Monday, May 09, 2011

I got her this shape sorting cube when she was probably around 10 months old. She was far from being able to do it but was intersted in the shapes and them clanging together.

I put the toy away for a few months and recently re-introduced it a couple of months ago. She got frustrated with it easily because she didn't have the patience to find the correct hole for each shape. She was able to do just a few of them when I showed her the correct holes.

But just yesterday she was finally able to do it herself. She can find most of the correct holes for each shape. It's challenging because you have to turn the cube over a couple of times to find the matching hole. But now she has the patience to do all the shapes and then start over a few times even.

She's also become much more interested in other puzzles and "thinking" toys. Even something as simple as these Nesting Barrels require some thought and concentration to fit them all together, nest them, stack them, etc. 

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