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Spring Outfits

Thursday, March 31, 2011

About this time last year, I got suckered into buying adorable sun dresses for Baby Bel. Why not? You have your first baby girl, and you can't wait to put her in cute outfits. Well, unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, she's been wearing the same size clothes since she was 9 months old, and she's almost 18 months. So I don't really need to buy her any new clothes.

Plus, the weather is still cold here. Last year, around this time, my friend said to go ahead and put her in a sundress, just have her wear tights and a cute sweater. Tempting. But the weather here in Seattle has been gloomy and rainy. Who feels like dressing all summery for this? Maybe I'm just trying to talk myself out of going out and getting her new outfits.

But she's at the stage where she loves to romp around, climb, and play. So I think something simple, like some cute knit Circo dresses with some leggings underneath, would be nice.

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