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The Terrible Twos

Friday, October 07, 2011

Another thing that has come along with Bel approaching 2 years old is her change in routine. This always gets me. Just as soon as I feel like I'm settling into a good routine, and motherhood isn't that tough, she changes. Bedtime used to be fairly easy, just saying "Do you want to go to the bed and read books?". The answer was always an enthusiastic "Yes!" and then following me into the bedroom. Now it's "No, I want to play toys."

She's too big for me, and I'm too pregnant, to pick her up and take her to the bed, so I have to think of a new way to lure her into bed. I'm thinking of saying, "OK, Mommy is going to go to the bed and read books. Bye-bye.". She usually wants to stay near me, so maybe that will work.

The teeth brushing routine has gotten a lot worse as well. She has never liked it and has always put up a fight, but it's gotten worse. I've had a give her a few time-outs in order to get her to allow me to brush her teeth. I used to pin her down and do it, but she's getting stronger, and I don't want to risk her kicking me in the belly. But I'm getting tired of the constant time-outs, which seem to be increasing with time, rather than decreasing. So I think they are becoming less effective for me. I think I'm going to try to tell her that mommy won't sleep with her if she doesn't let me brush her teeth because I want to sleep with a clean teeth girl.

On the flip side, she has gotten a lot better about cleaning up after she is done playing with something. It is not 100%, but she does do it when I ask and sometimes she even does it on her own, without even being asked. It used to be a power struggle to do that. I used to have to tell he that if she didn't put away her things, they would go bye-bye, in order for her to do it. 

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