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Two and a Half

Saturday, July 07, 2012

It's amazing how fast our little baby girl grows up. I'm sure I'll be saying that for years. She is becoming more and more self-sufficient. She plays by herself, doing a lot of pretend play. She is starting to be able to change her doll's dresses. She can dress and undress herself. Potty training is coming along very well. She is now able to go in public toilets. She often takes the initiative to go potty when she needs to. She's got great bladder control (almost too good... she must have an iron bladder).

She loves her little brother but still gets jealous of my affection and time with him sometimes. She still loves to cuddle with me, especially for nap times and bed times. She is growing up fast, though. She understands way more than we think she does. Her sentence structure is developing very well. 

She loves to sing and dance. She loves pretty dresses, ballerinas, and princesses. She loves the beach and playing with sand.  

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Comment By Guampa
Tuesday, September 11, 2012 4:30 AM
you're georgeous, Belana! what a blessed little girl you are to have such caring parents. I'm proud of you Ken and Joanne. -guampa-

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