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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

This week we had to get more aggressive about weaning. She started breastfeeding almost all night long, not just a couple three times. It seemed that every time I would unlatch her, she would wake up, cry, and latch back on.

So a couple days ago, I decided to let her cry during the night (while sleeping beside me) for a little while before I let her latch on. The first night was really tough. There was lots of crying and very little sleep. The second night, she woke up less, so there were fewer crying episodes. The third night, she woke up only once and didn't really cry before getting back to sleep. So now I'm nursing once at bedtime and once in the middle of the night.

That is a big relief for my body. I've even gotten out of daytime nursings and morning nursings. It was hard, not just because she would scream and cry, but I felt bad for taking away one of the things she loved most. Today when she started getting sleepy, she asked for it quietly, sort of knowing that she wasn't going to get it. She fussed a little, and then I gave her lunch instead.

At her normal naptime, she had a little trouble getting to sleep, but eventually did, without any nursing. I put some soft music on, laid down beside her, and closed my eyes. She woke up halfway through, as she sometimes does. I went back in and laid down next to her again, and she fell right back to sleep (instead of crying to be nursed). This was a big improvement from the day before.

So for now, I'll nurse her just at night time for a while now. As long as it's under control, and not all night long. Phase II, complete weaning will come later. Maybe when she's 2.

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Comment By Littlethings
Thursday, March 31, 2011 4:58 PM
After several days, there is still a lot of crying at night and nap time. I guess it might take a while...

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