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First Hair Cut

I was cutting Daddy's hair, and she wanted her hair cut too. So we decided to cut her bangs. She seems to like it. She can see better now without her hair being in her face. And she never seemed to keep barrettes in, so this works well. Still haven' cut any length off the back. I'm afraid of losing the cut


Climbing at Playgrounds


She's finally gotten the hang of climbing the "rock walls" and rope ladders at the playgrounds. She's even slid down a rope pole.

Two and a Half

It's amazing how fast our little baby girl grows up. I'm sure I'll be saying that for years. She is becoming more and more self-sufficient. She plays by herself, doing a lot of pretend play. She is starting to be able to change her doll's dresses. She can dress and undress herself. Potty training is coming along very well. She is now able to go in public toilets. She often takes the initiative to go potty when she needs to. She's got great bladder control (almost too good... she must have an iron bladder).

She loves her little brother but still gets jealous of my affection and time with him sometimes. She still loves to cuddle with me, especially for nap times and bed times. She is growing up fast, though. She understands way more than we think she does. Her sentence structure is developing very well. 

She loves to sing and dance. She loves pretty dresses, ballerinas, and princesses. She loves the beach and playing with sand.  

Eating Pho
One of her favorite dishes is Pho Ga, or chicken Pho. Usually she just eats the chicken, noodles, and soup, which is how I refer the dish to her anyway. But the past few times, she has taken pleasure in dressing the Pho with bean sprouts and Basil, along with a little squeeze of lime. She doesn't actually eat the veggies, except for the lime, oddly. Must be from watching too much Rattatouille, or something.

27 Months Old

Tantrums have lessoned a bit, but moodiness, attitude, and screaming seem to have increased. It's hard to try to distract her with other things to improve her mood. Seems like she gets stuck in a bad mood and is that way for a while. I usually try to be calm and understanding because I think it's just the "terrible twos", and that "this too shall pass". But sometimes she seems to respond better to a commanding authoritative voice, or when she hears frustration (or being fed up) in my voice. Is that why many mothers end up just yelling at their kids all the time? They don't seem to listen when you're being nice. They push you until there's no more Mr. Nice Guy. I always envisioned being a kind and gentle mother. But I think I get trampled on that way. I'm sure part of it depends on the temperment of the child. I guess I have to find a healthy balance between being kind and firm.

On a positive note, she is doing really well playing independently, which was something that I wished for just a few months ago. She gives me lots of time to take care of the new baby, and to do some cooking, cleaning, and paperwork. I feel bad sometimes and miss spending lots of time with her. I don't want to miss her childhood, or the times when she wants to hang out with me because I know it decreases over the years. But I really appreciate having the time to take care of my baby boy and get other things done.

She's becoming a little diva, too, and I don't mean just attitude. She turns on some music, stands up on her stool, like a little soap box, and starts singing to the ballad with emotion in her face, hand gestures, and everything. I just picture her like one of those child prodegies on America's Got Talent.

Puzzle Pro
It amazes me how fast she learned to put puzzles together. For her birthday a couple of months ago, we bought her some 24 pc puzzles of her favorite characters. At first I showed her how to put them together. But in the past few weeks she has mastered them. She can put them together all by herself in under 5 minutes! Wow, she even seems better at puzzles than I am.


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