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Pretend Play

She incorporates pretending into all her playing now. She loves to play with dress up sticker dolls. During which I can hear her saying things like, "Mommy, I want to..." And then she says "OK".

The other day, she started pretending to have a doll or something in her hand and pass it to me. She had a few different pretend "dolls". She named them different Disney princess and prince names, as well as mommy and daddy.

She also loves role playing. She likes to pretend mommy and daddy are different characters, like a Disney prince, and she is the princesss.

Happy 2nd Birthday!

Has it really been over a month since my last post? So much going on. Preparing for her birthday, for the arrival of Baby J, Halloween, and all her friend's birthday parties! Her 2nd birthday party was a memorable day for her. She blew out her candles, and now wants to blow out candles every time she has cake. She played with her friends. She enjoyed opening her presents and playing with all her new toys.

She is now a bonafide princess. She knows all the Disney princess names, wears princess costumes all the time, and loves everything princess.

She loves stickers again. I thought she grew out of that, but got back into it, especially Disney princess and Tinkerbell stickers.

She has learned how to ask for specific (mostly Princess) things as gifts. Since Christmas is around the corner, we've been telling her to ask Santa.

The terrible twos are still raging, and I'm growing less patient as my belly grows more outward. I've had to seek some parenting support just to make sure I'm not going crazy.

But she's singing a lot more, talking a lot more, improved her fine motor skills (better coloring, arts and crafts, helping me mix stuff when I'm preparing meals), and playing make-believe a lot. I want to get her out to where she can run and climb more. She still has a lot of energy, and it's been too cold and wet to go to outdoor parks. So I'll probably start taking her to the indoor play gym at the mall or something like that.

Halloween was one event after another. Trick-or-Treating at a couple of different malls/shopping centers, a Halloween play date, the pumpkin express train, not to mention giving candy out at home. But that was a memorable time for Bel, too. She loved seeing all the other princess costumes and getting all the candy.

I still look at her, mostly when she's sleeping, and am amazed at how she still resembles that newborn that we brought home from the hospital 2 years ago. 

The Terrible Twos

Another thing that has come along with Bel approaching 2 years old is her change in routine. This always gets me. Just as soon as I feel like I'm settling into a good routine, and motherhood isn't that tough, she changes. Bedtime used to be fairly easy, just saying "Do you want to go to the bed and read books?". The answer was always an enthusiastic "Yes!" and then following me into the bedroom. Now it's "No, I want to play toys."

She's too big for me, and I'm too pregnant, to pick her up and take her to the bed, so I have to think of a new way to lure her into bed. I'm thinking of saying, "OK, Mommy is going to go to the bed and read books. Bye-bye.". She usually wants to stay near me, so maybe that will work.

The teeth brushing routine has gotten a lot worse as well. She has never liked it and has always put up a fight, but it's gotten worse. I've had a give her a few time-outs in order to get her to allow me to brush her teeth. I used to pin her down and do it, but she's getting stronger, and I don't want to risk her kicking me in the belly. But I'm getting tired of the constant time-outs, which seem to be increasing with time, rather than decreasing. So I think they are becoming less effective for me. I think I'm going to try to tell her that mommy won't sleep with her if she doesn't let me brush her teeth because I want to sleep with a clean teeth girl.

On the flip side, she has gotten a lot better about cleaning up after she is done playing with something. It is not 100%, but she does do it when I ask and sometimes she even does it on her own, without even being asked. It used to be a power struggle to do that. I used to have to tell he that if she didn't put away her things, they would go bye-bye, in order for her to do it. 

Almost 2 Years Old

She's going to be 2 years old this month, and she's hit new milestones already. She started pronouncing L's correctly, instead of always sounding them out as a "y". She started saying "hello" rather than "heyyo" and "balloon" instead of "bayyoon". 

She's singing along with songs a lot more. And for the first time she had a phone conversation today, rather than just listening and answering yes or no questions. She talked to grandpa, and answered most of his questions in phrases, and said "Hi Grandpa".

She loves to do art. We got her an art table, and she is starting to get better fine motor skills and coordination. She is starting to color within the lines well. We also got her a rubber stamp set, and she loves to make stamp impressions and then color them in.

We got her a set of dot paints, and she can open and close the caps, as well as most other screw on capped things. When she puts them back, she lines them up nicely, with the words facing front. She loves to use many different colors, and just bits of each. She likes to use different types of media, like markers, crayons, colored pencils, dot paints, and rubber stamps. 

We also got her a peel and stick sticker kit that has scenes for the various stickers, and she is able to position the stickers onto the proper places pretty well. 


I thought the worst of the terrible twos was over. I read that it peaks at 18 months and figured we are well past that. But alas, this week has taken tantrums to new heights. I was beginning to wonder if she was going through a baby pon farr (Star Trek reference), but then again her name is taken from a Klingon, not a Vulcan.

She's been having these inconsolable screaming tantrums dalily the past week. Something "small" sets her off, nothing out of the ordinary, just things like telling her no she can't do something, or putting pants on her. Then she cries and screams as loud as she can for about 20 minutes straight. During it, she doesn't want to be touched or talked to or do anything but sit there and scream. So I sit there and wait for the storm to pass. After it's all over, she hugs me and then is back to her smiling self. 

Today it happened at the zoo, so we were trapped there for some time while everyone got to stare at us. But it came and went, just like most things. 

Anyway, I'm going to read up tantrums and 2yo behavior, see if I can get some insight. 

Singing Songs

She's getting better at singing songs. She's starting to copy inflections and tones in music. It's so cute and sweet to hear her sing. I've tried to record it, but she gets shy and stops. Most of her singing she does in the car. Her favorite songs are "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and "I've Got the Joy Joy Joy Joy Down in My Heart". She's also getting better at forming phrases and sentences. I know it makes her much happier to be able to communicate better with us.  


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