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Staying Home Too Much

I think I figured out why she's gotten bored with her toys. We used to have so many outside activities each week, like My Gym, Toddler Group, and day care.  It was actually a luxury for her to stay home and play with her toys, and she really enjoyed it. Now that we've quit all those activities for the summer, she's been home most of the time playing with her toys, and it's getting old.

We've got some fun activities planned for this summer, like Wednesday outings with the mommy group, swimming, and going to parks. That should help with the boredom...

Bored With Toys
I was starting to think that independent playing was becoming the norm. But now she's gotten bored with all her toys again. And unfortunately, there are way too many of them. Can't fit too much more in the house. Especially with another baby on the way. Luckily it's summer so we can spend some time outside. But what about when I need to get things done inside?

Belly Baby #2
I'm so happy to say that Baby Bel is scheduled to have a little sibling sometime this winter. That's right, I'm pregnant with Baby #2. Maybe that's why she's been such a big fan of my belly lately... I explained to her the other day that there is a baby inside my belly. I told her to kiss the baby, and she kissed and hugged my belly, rubbed her face into it, and smelled it. I know she's crazy about my belly, but that was the most amount of affection she'd ever given my belly. And yesterday, she took her onesie off and rubbed her bare belly against my bare belly.

Last Day of Daycare

Today was Baby Bel's last day of daycare. Although she really enjoys the activities there, she would rather I be there with her. Which would defeat the purpose of daycare. So I put in our notice today. For now, she'll be a drop in as needed, and we might start back up in the fall, after she turns 2.

Well, the time to myself was fun while it lasted. But I guess being a stay-at-home-mom means caring for her myself. Hubby said he can help watch her so that I can work on the home business. And I've got friends who can watch her if I have a doctor's appointment or something. And if I get really desperate, I can look for a mother's helper.

But for now, I feet too guilty bringing her to daycare when she's crying at home just from me mentioning it, and screaming in the car when we get to the parking lot. It was a great little home daycare, and I think it would be the perfect daycare for her if I ever need to take her again. 

Last Child in the Woods

I took her on a little "hiking" adventure last week, when we had nice weather. She wore her little tutu and tromped around in the dirt (and eventually the mud). Well, the trail was mostly paved or barked, but still we were surrounded by trees, the chirping of birds, and a peaceful duck pond.

Baby Bel enjoyed feeding the ducks and watching them paddle around and quack. It seemed she could stay out there forever. In Toddler Group, the book of the month/quarter is "Last Child in the Woods". It's about the benefits of getting your kids out to enjoy nature. So even though I took her to a suburban park (Scriber Lake Park), it's a quiet natural refuge preserved in an urban forest. And I think it counts as "woods" :-)


She is 19-1/2 months now. Yesterday, she was coloring in her coloring book and started naming colors. She was able to name purple, green, pink, yellow, red, blue, and black. I knew she was already starting to get an understanding of color because when we play with her Sesame Street Play-Doh set, she pulls out the red dough and says "Elmo", the yellow and says "Big Bird", the blue and says "Cookie", and the green and says "green". But I didn't realize she knew more colors than just those.


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