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8 Months

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Wow, 8 months is almost up. I thought I'd summarize his accomplishments.

  • Likes to pull himself up to standing all the time
  • Pushes buttons to make music play on his toys
  • Climbs up a couple of stair steps

And some other interesting facts:

  • Thinks peek-a-boo is really funny (and bug eyes)
  • Sleeps ok (in the swing and in bed with me and his sister)
  • Still likes to be swaddled (although he's growing out of the biggest size)
  • Twists a lot when getting diaper changed
  • Loves playing with his big sister
  • Back to drooling a lot (top teeth coming in soon?)
  • Very social, likes other people, adults, children, and babies

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