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Real Tears, Real Play

Monday, January 09, 2012

Today he shed his first tears. I forgot that newborn babies don't have tears and that it takes a little while for the tear ducts to develop. But today when I was changing his diaper instead of feeding him, he made a sad face and tears welled up in his eyes. I remember when his older sister shed her first tear too!

Speaking of eyes, he also seemed to get his eyelashes in a few days ago, too. He was born with really short and fine eyelashes, unlike his sister who was basically born with beautiful, thick, permanent false lashes. But now, he's got some cute little boy lashes. And I love his eyes. They look iridescent, with dark brownish-green coloring, similar to his dad's.

He started batting at the little hangy toys on his little play gym today. I don't really know if he was doing it on purpose, but he was flailing his arms around and kept hitting one of the dangling toys. Then he would watch it rock around. He did that for a while, so I'm thinking he was entertaining himself. He started fussing after about 15 minutes of that. But it was cute to watch!

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