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10 Months Old

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Daddy saw baby J take his first 3 steps toward him today. Its not consistent, but he did it a couple of times. I'm happy to see him learn to walk, but I will miss my little infant. He is 10 months now, and almost a year old!

He's got 3-1/2 teeth now. Two on the bottom and one and a half on top. He's able to bite off chunks of food now. His favorite food seems to still be pho.

He is always interested in what his sister is playing with. I have a hard time distracting him away from her. 

He still loves music and playing instruments. He sings along to music, and gets the pitches right, or pretty close. He started singing "Tada!" when he heard Daddy say it. Now he does it just about every  time any of us sing it to him.

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