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9 Months

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Time is zooming by. The kids are keeping me busy everyday. Baby J is now 10 months old. Here is a summary of his 9 month accomplishments:

  • Got a top front tooth (we call him snaggletooth now :-)
  • Dances to music (sways his upper body from side to side)
  • Climbed up a flight of stairs and back down (backwards, of course) by himself
  • Climbed up a play structure at the mall play area
  • Stands unassisted sometimes

And some other interesting facts:

  • Loves music
  • Loves to play instruments, like toy flutes, drums, and guitars 
  • Loves asian noodle soups, like pho and ramen
  • Like his sister, he also loves mac & cheese
  • Still gets swaddled for sleep in his swing for naps and early morning waking
  • His sister makes him laugh (and cry sometimes)
  • Very happy disposition and smiling most of the time
  • Definitely knows his name and the rest of the family members
  • Loves other babies and children
  • Wakes up every morning around 5 or 6, but goes back down when swaddled and put in the swing

He is a real joy to be around. He is so cute and cuddly, and growing up so fast!

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