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3 Months

Monday, February 20, 2012
Can hardly believe that 3 months have gone by already. But he's become more animated, talkative, interactive. He loves to sit up. Often when I have him in a reclined position, he tries to sit upright. We've started putting him in the Bumbo, which he seems to like for a little while. His favorite place, though, is definitely in your arms.

He's really ticklish. Every time I change his clothes he giggles when I pull his arms in and out of the sleeves. Last week, though, he laughed when I was making funny sounds at him. Its hard to get a pic of him laughing or smiling because he likes your face right in front of his, and then looks like a deer in headlights when you point a camera at him.

He seems to like bath time. He usually takes a bath with his big sister. They keep each other entertained. They seem to like each other. She loves to play with him, and he smiles at her.

He recognizes my voice. I notice he looks around for me when he hears my voice. He knows when I'm about to nurse him, when I sit on the glider or start to cradle him. And he sometimes smiles or laughs because he's so happy about it.

He's been sleeping really good at night, thanks to his swaddle. I went without it a few times, and boy were those sleepless nights. Swaddled he only wakes up once during the night, knock on wood.

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