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11 Months

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

11 months have passed, and he has finally mastered walking. He still waddles a bit, but is walking for his main mode of transportation, rather than crawling. He is really happy about that! But that means he is getting around faster, and able to carry things from room to room. Random things are winding up everywhere and anywhere. He is still a bit nervous about walking around in public places like stores and restaurants

Words are still coming slowly. He has sounds he likes to say over and over again, like "dadda" and "diggum". He sometimes repeats things we say, like last night, he said "thank you" a couple of times when we handed him toys

He is still a jolly little fella, but he is starting to become mischievous. He smirks when we tell him not to do something and he does it anyway.

He is eating lots of different solid foods. He likes a lot of the same things his sister likes, like mac n cheese, fruit cups, and chicken nuggets. Also like her, he is not a big fan of green things, like spinach and brocolli. But they both love Snapea Crisps and fruit puree pouches that have spinach and broccoli in them. 

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