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7 Months

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Baby J has gotten so active over the past 3 months. Which is why I haven't had much time to blog. Around 4 months old, he stopped sleeping through the night. Most likely because he was mentally working on sitting up, etc. Now at 7 months, he has really come a long way. Sleeping through the night has finally started getting better. It was a rough couple of months when he wasn't. But right around 6 months, he started getting better. Below is a quick synopsis of his accomplishments the past 3 months.

5 months - sitting up by himself

6 months - pushing himself to sitting from lying down

7 months - crawling, starting to sing along with us and some music 

He loves his sister, enjoys watching her play, and tolerates her endless cuddles and playfulness. He is such a joy. As much as I love the time I have when he is sleeping, I love holding and hugging him.

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