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4 Months

Monday, April 02, 2012

This past month, he's been changing a lot. His cries, when he wakes up, or wants something have turned into sort of a manly shriek, almost like a little puppy growl or something. It's really funny and kinda weird. I suppose my daughter did that too right about this time. Hers were more like regular shrieks, like a black crow, or a blue jay.

He can't sit up unasissted yet, but getting close. I can tell those stomach muscles are getting really strong. He's almost got a washboard. He leans forward a lot when he gets the chance to. He spends time sitting in his high chair, in the Bumbo, being propped into a sitting position with the Boppy, or bouncing in the Jumperoo

He still hates tummy time, but he can lift his head pretty well when he does it. He rolls over from tummy time every now and then. It's not consistent, and I think it depends on the surface that he's on, and how much energy he has at the time.

I told myself that I wouldn't start solid foods until he was 6 months old. But alas, I did. The pedi recommended it at his 4 month checkup to help him sleep better at night. I figured that was a myth, so although I did buy some rice cereal, I didn't want to give it to him right away. But he'd been eating and eating nonstop, it seemed. Every two hours or more frequently. So I figured he probably needed something a little heavier. Plus I was started to have pain during nursing because of the frequent feedings. 

He loved eating the rice cereal, which I mixed with breast milk. And he looks forward to eating solids, on a regular basis. He goes nuts when I put the spoon to his mouth. He shrieks and asks for more, pulling the spoon toward him with his hands. I gave him a little bit of pork loin, ground up and mixed with breast milk, too. He liked it as well.

Sleep has gone to pot. I don't know what happened. He was sleeping long stretches at night, waking up only once in the night. Slowly, it went downhill. It got so bad that he was waking up every 45 minutes. Now it is every 2-3 hours at night. I've tried changing the sleeping surface, swaddling, not swaddling, changing the lighting, the temperature, feeding him solid food at night. Nothing seems to work. I don't know if he is so hungry throughout the night that he has to wake up. Or if he just can't seem to put himself back to sleep. He is getting a lot more sensitive to sounds while he's sleeping during the day, too. He used to be able to sleep through almost any noise. Now he wakes up when the Amazon Fresh truck comes by...

As far as playing, he is entertained by his sister, he likes his dangly toys in the play gym, he likes to chew on his teether toys, especially Sophie, and little Sophie. I hate to say it, but he loves watching TV, too. And of course, likes one-on-one attention from a loving human being.

He's definitely keeping me a lot busier. He is awake more, and likes a lot of interaction. It's lots of fun watching him develop into his own person.

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