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Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes

Friday, October 15, 2010

The end of babyhood is closing in on me. I'm a little sad, but the idea of Baby having more independence is a bit comforting. I've debated about whether or not to continue this Baby Blog after Baby turns one or if I should start a new one. Not sure yet.

Today's new tricks were identifying more body parts and putting things back into my purse (after taking them all out). I heard that by 12 months, most babies can identify two of their body parts when you ask where it is. And by 18 months, they usually can point out six. We know she already knows her foot and her nose. Today, we discovered that she knows her hair, teeth, mouth, and maybe even eyes.

putting on lipstickShe's getting good at imitating, too. She took my brush out of my purse and brushed her hair. She even took my lipstick out and rubbed it on her mouth (with the cap closed). And of course, she always tries to put my sunglasses on, even though she hates wearing hers.

After she took everything out of my purse and played with it, she surprised me by starting to put them all back in. She tried to put other things in my purse that were obviously (at least to me) too big. She didn't get everything back into my purse, but it was a good effort, until she got distracted by something else.

Back at home, getting a diaper change, Daddy asked "Where's the butterfly?", and she pointed to the butterfly wall applique over her changing table. I guess she was paying attention whenever I pointed that out to her while changing.

She did her little sing-song thing again today. I yawned, and that started the singing. She hummed a note "aaaaah" to imitate my yawn. Then Daddy chimed in, and she continued to sing with him for a while. I've got to get it on video, it's so pretty.

Book attention span is improving still. Not only did she sit through the whole "Goodnight Moon" tonight, she had me read it a second time, and sat through that as well. How did I know she wanted me to read it again? After I closed the book, she took it from me, acted like she was going to read it herself, and then handed it to me. I wondered if she'd have me read it a third time, but she was done.

I bought her a couple of books from the Scholastic Books order form this month. Hubby says I'm living vicariously her because I always wanted books from that growing up and never got to get them. I got "How Do Dinosaurs Love Their Dogs?" because she loves dogs, and I figured I could ask her as we go through the book, "where's the doggie?" I also bought "Big Red Barn" because she loves me making animal sounds, and this would be a perfect excuse to do so.

Sleep patterns haven't changed much. She fights bedtime about half the time. I guess it depends on the activities of the day. Speaking of which, I think I'll call it a night, too.

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