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Last Day of Babyhood

Saturday, October 16, 2010

We spent the past two days putting up decorations and getting ready for her birthday party. I think her favorite part was going to the Party Store and looking at all the balloons, then riding home with a car full of balloons, and then playing with all the balloons at home. She shrieked with excitement as she batted at the balloons. Luckily, we got it on video :-) Her least favorite thing was sitting by herself while we put up the decorations.

But she loves all the decorations up. She enjoys looking up at all the balloons and at the butterfly pinata and all the butterflies dangling from the ceiling. It should be a fun party. We've got the ball pit all set up and everything. The cake is a gigantic butterfly to go with the theme of her party. I know it's not spring or summer, but it's been butterflies for her since before she was born.

As far as anything new today, I tried to teach her to come down the steps again. I haven't done it in a few months because she wasn't really catching on. But today she seemed to pick it up better than before.

I still can hardly believe that a whole year has gone by already. Babyhood just flies by. I knew it would. They are babies a lot shorter time than they are kids. It's been a lot of hard work, but with so much reward. Watching her grow and learn so quickly, more quickly than she ever will again, has been such a miraculous experience. She seemed to hit new milestones every week. Suddenly she could smile, then coo, then sit up, then crawl, understand words, start talking, and soon she'll be walking.

I know I will miss cradling her as a little infant. I cherish these last few months of doing that as she nurses. She's getting bigger and bigger, so I know it will soon be time. I wish I could do this year over and over. But I know I have many more years of exciting and wonderful memories to cherish.

Goodbye my baby, hello my toddler...


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