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Baby Eczema

Friday, March 12, 2010

Baby started getting red skin rashes all over her stomach, arms, shoulders, neck, chin, and diaper area at around 3 months old. After taking her to the pediatrician, they had us treat the neck and diaper rashes with yeast medicine. And then the other areas as eczema.

The diaper rash and most of the neck rash went away, but the excema was a little more stubborn. The excema treatment consisted of bathing her with just plain water and using a moisturizing cream on her rashes. I didn't really notice a difference for a while, even after trying various creams (shea butter, Aquaphor, Carrot Body Butter, and even emu oil).

We thought that maybe it could be the laundry detergent we were using, even though we were always doing an extra rinse cycle. We decided to try Dreft instead of the Tide we were normally using. And this seemed to make the biggest difference. The rashes got better pretty quickly after that. She still gets dry patches on her arms, stomach, chin, neck, and shoulders. But putting the Aquaphor on them seem to help now.

I didn't realize that Dreft laundry detergent was that much more mild than Tide. I wonder if she'll eventually grow out of the excema and I can go back to using Tide, which is what I use for my husband's and my clothes and seems to work fine. But for now, we will just continue using Dreft, although Tide has a Tide Free formula (free of dyes and perfumes) that I heard doesn't cause rashes. Something to try later, maybe price comparison shop?

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