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Breastfeeding the Older Baby and Toddler

Friday, September 24, 2010

I went to the "Breastfeeding the Older Baby and Toddler" class today. Mostly just to find out about our baby's dependency on nursing for getting to sleep. The teacher said at this age (~11 months) it's pretty normal. She said that it's how they regroup after a day of mostly playing and exploring, as opposed to nursing all day long, like a newborn. They need that closeness at the end of the day or just to get them relaxed for sleep.

Eventually, night time nursing will diminish, but of all the daily nursing sessions, it will be the last to go. We can try to break her of it, but it will take weeks of work and not getting much sleep as she fights us on it. I guess since I feel like I'm sleeping okay, I'd rather just keep nursing her back to sleep. I've suffered enough restless nights when she was younger, and I really don't want to go back to that. Her middle of the night nursings are just quick anyway, and I can get back to sleep right away.

I have to throw in also that she doesn't require nursing to sleep under a couple different circumstances. One is when we're in the car, usually on the freeway. The other is when Grandma rocks her to sleep, and even sometimes when Daddy lies down with her. Again, the teacher said, it's very common. When she knows I'm there and I'm able to, she won't sleep until I lie down and nurse her.

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