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Cuddle Bunny Understands Words

Saturday, July 24, 2010

At 9 months, baby really seems to understand and follow certain instructions, like "leave that alone" or "come here". She seems to know what she is or isn't allowed to play with, like shoes and cords, because she leaves them alone when I tell her to and then plays with something else. She also knows which items are questionable and definitely non-toy items. She'll be just about to grab something and then turn and look at me to see what I'll say. It's really interesting watching her develop this way. It's amazing to see someone who was once a helpless newborn become a person who thinks and acts deliberately.

She also has started to enjoy cuddling and feeling soft things. She puts her face against our face, it's so sweet. She likes to touch the little fur patch on those Baby Touch & Feel books. And just today, I noticed her rubbing stuffed animals and wash cloths against her face. Cute!

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