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Doggie Friend

Friday, August 27, 2010

From about the time she could interact with things/people, around 6 months old, baby started to enjoy dogs. We have a friend who has a couple of little Bishon/Terrier mix dogs. Baby loves to pet them and "play" with them, or just explore them.

Lately, she's been hanging out with a new doggie friend, and she just laughs whenever she sees her. When we were at a picnic, all she wanted to do was hang out with the doggie. The dog is pretty baby safe as she has a baby "sister" of her own, almost the same age as our baby.

We'd really like to get a dog for baby soon, but I know it would be overwhelming for me. I think when she gets a little older, we'll get a little puppy. We're leaning towards getting a golden retriever. They are big time shedders, but they are such lovers!

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