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Putting the Toys Away

Monday, October 11, 2010

When Baby is finished playing with her toys and scattering them all over the floor, I usually pick them up and put them away in bins. Today she surprised me by putting the books and toys into the bin herself! She sort of threw them in there a little roughly, but she got most of them in there. She did this a few times because she kept taking them out of the bin again, more like dumping them out of the bin. But it was cute because she knew where they belonged and went to put them there.

Today she took a few steps on her own towards me again. It's been over a week since she last felt like doing that. I never can tell when she'll be in the mood to do that.

My GymShe's been clingy lately, wanting to have more one-on-one time with me. She went to My Gym today and wasn't really in to the independent play time. She wanted me with her the whole time there.

Another tooth is poking out of the upper left area. But the molars are looking swollen up underneath the gums and may be ready to come out soon.

She's starting to enjoy stores a little more. As long as there are bright colorful fun things for her to look at, like toys, balloons, flowers, cakes, and even colorful food displays. Can you tell we've been shopping for her birthday party?


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