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Sense of Fear

Monday, September 06, 2010

By about 10-1/2 months old, baby has developed a sense of fear. She seems afraid of the dark. She cries when we turn out the lights, unless she is being held or lying next to us. Certain scary animated toys such as Imaginext BIGFOOT the Monster and also a talking skeleton we saw at Michael's craft store cause her to scream in terror. And, oddly, ever since she saw the skeleton, she became nervous about her new Baby Einstein Color Kaleidoscope toy. I don't know if it is because the glowing globe at the top resembles the glowing skull of the talking skeleton...

Baby has started wanting to walk, with me holding her hands. Good thing I had shoes on her, as we were on a gravel trail at the time. She was fussing in my arms, wanting to get down. As soon as I help her walk, she smiles and starts trudging forward with gusto. I've seen mom's do that guiding walk with their babies and didn't think I'd be one of them. I figured they just did it for fun. It's a killer on your back, so I'm hoping she can take off on her own pretty soon.

On the eating front, baby is continuing to eat most foods that I offer her. Her sense of taste seems to have become more sensitive. She seems to dislike certain fruits that are sour, like raspberries and underripe blueberries. I've been trying to wean her from nursing by giving her formula, but she seems to reject that for the most part. I guess I'll try a different brand and see if she likes that better. She's now able to drink out of straws. But usually she sucks up too much and ends up spitting it out. Very similar to drinking out of a cup. She takes a few big swigs and then lets it all run down her chin.

Her top teeth are coming along very well. She's developing a nice little row of them. She's been biting me every now and then, which is getting scary and makes me want to wean her sooner. But she still loves to nurse and relies on it to get to sleep.

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