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Stair Master

Friday, August 20, 2010

Baby has become a master at climbing stairs. Only when she wants to, though. I've tried to use it to my advantage, getting her to climb up herself when we need to go upstairs. But she only fusses and wants me to carry her up. She started climbing about a month ago (at 9 mos old). This was just after she saw her best friend (2 months older) climbing up the stairs. She tried to imitate her that day, but couldn't quite make it. But it wasn't long after that before she could do it.

The only problem is coming down. No matter how many times I have helped her to go down the steps backwards, she always wants to try to go down forwards, which doesn't work quite well, since she's not walking yet. She has fallen backwards down a step or two, though. That happened when she got to the top and sat too far over the edge of the step. I heard that it is good to give them a couple of steps to practice on. That way if they fall, it would be a short fall.

Baby continues to hit new milestones every month. Can't wait to see what's next!

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