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Smoothing and Thickening Cream for the Hair

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

AG Hair BB Cream Total Benefit PrimerI've been using the AG Hair BB Cream Total Benefit Hair Primer for a few years now. I've tried several different leave-in products for the hair, but this is the best one I've ever tried. It does so many different things for the hair. It smooths, nourishes, detangles, provides sun protection, and thickens the hair.

I've used various hair serums and treatments that have weighed my hair down and made it look greasy. I've used detangling sprays that make my hair look flat or frizzy. But the AG Hair BB Cream gives me all the benefits in one product. I always make sure I put it on my hair before going outside since it has some sun protection in it. It helps decrease sun damage to the hair and color fading.

I've gotten compliments on my hair since using this. I've always had thin, stringy hair, and to receive compliments now is such a big change. I had a good friend, who has known me for a long time and even worked on my hair tell me my hair suddenly looked thicker.  She asked me what I did. And I told her it was this AG Hair BB Cream.

AG Hair BB Cream Total Benefit PrimerI've found that most hair thickening products tend to make my hair look frizzy. Not this one. It smooths as well. Some other leave-in thickening products have made my hair feel sticky and hard to get my fingers through my hair to "brush" it. But the AG Hair BB Cream keeps my hair free-flowing, detangled, smooth, and thick-looking.

It's got keratin, panthenol, silk amino acids, just to name a few nourishing ingredients for the hair. I've also tried different Perfect Hair Day products that are supposed to smooth and thicken, but this AG Hair BB Cream blows it all out of the water for me.

I actually stopped using it at one point to see if it was really doing a great job. And boy, did I miss it. After a week I had to run back and get another pump bottle of it. One bottle lasts me probably a couple of months, using about 3 pumps  almost every day. My hair has grown long, so I'm finding myself using more than before.

I run it through the lengths of my hair after washing, while it is still damp. Then I comb through my hair with a wide-tooth comb. It detangles nicely. Doesn't have much of a smell, very light fragrance, barely noticeable. It looks like a white cream when it pumps out.

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