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Women's Skater Lace Dress Cream - Mossimo

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Mossimo Women's Skater Dress Lace CreamWomen's Skater Lace Dress Cream - MossimoI got this cream colored lacy dress on sale at Target to wear to a friend's wedding, before it dawned on me that you shouldn't wear white or whitish lacy dresses to a wedding because that's the bride's uniform. But now I have this pretty dress to wear just about anywhere.

The Mossimo Women's Lace Skater Dress in Cream is a versatile dress that can be dressed down by wearing sneakers or dressed up with heels and accessories. I think a colorful belt, denim jacket, military jacket, or colorful pashmina wrap would accent the dress nicely. 

I love how the lace makes the dress look so delicate and special. This dress would be great for special occasions or even just going shopping. The front bodice is like a wrap, and there is a tiny hook and eye to keep it from opening up, keeping it tasteful. I think the length is perfect, too. Not too short but short enough to keep it playful.

I wore this dress casually to go shopping and got lots of compliments on it. It is a fairly simple design, but the lacy fabric makes it look a little fancier.

I love skater dresses because they taper in at the waist, giving you a feminine form. And they are cut in a way so that they don't bunch up or add bulk at the waist area, keeping it slim.

I am 5ft and 105lbs, and I got a size XS, which is my usual size for Target dresses. The above pictures were taken after machine washing and drying the dress, and I didn't notice any shrinkage. The outer lacy overlay is cotton, but the lining is polyester, which doesn't usually shrink.

I really love this dress. So when it went on sale, I had to get it. I feel a little like a princess when I wear this dress, like Today Was a FairyTale.

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