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Can a 5yo Run Circles Around a 44yo?

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Nike Tanjun Running ShoesMy underarms are killing me this morning. I did monkey bars with my 5yo yesterday. Trying to keep up with him at the park made me rethink my workout routines!

We did an obstacle course around the play ground. I climbed up every climbing apparatus, slid down every slide, walked across the shaky bridge, and as you know, dangled across the monkey bars a few times.

I also chased him up and down the field as he kicked the soccer ball, threw a football with him, played frisby. And as the finale, raced him around the track.

Thankfully, the only thing that aches so far today are my underarms. I can thank my electric violet Nike Tanjun running shoes for that. I got them last year, but they still look brand new.

I've been a slacker all the previous times I've taken him to the park. As a bystander sitting on a bench, I haven't gotten much exercise at the park. My poor little Nikes have been benched too, sitting pretty in a little shoe box, waiting for an occasion to go running.

Colors of Nike TanjunSo yesterday, I decided would be the day to take them out for a spin. And they were definitely the right choice. The Nike Tanjuns are light as a feather and very well made. As I ran around the track, chasing after my son, I felt as if I could actually make it all the way around. The soft comfy shoes seemed to give me that extra lift and push as I felt my feet spring back off the ground with each step.

These running shoes are so soft all over the top, it feels like wearing socks. There are no areas of the shoe that push on my feet or toes. The soles are soft and springy. The shoes are weightless and great to run in. They made me realize how much I miss running. It's been over 10 years since I used to run regularly. I thought maybe I should get back into it. I won a free entry for a half marathon in a raffle. Maybe I should start training for it. Only if I can do it with my Tanjuns :-)

The only thing I wish these shoes had is better arch support. But this was easily fixed by adding little stick on arch supports. I love the Fab Feet ones from Target. They are light-weight and fit into every shoe I have, including sandals.

I love the violet color that I got. They especially stand out nicely when I'm wearing an all black workout outfit. But they come in so many colors of the rainbow. If I were to get another pair (or two), I would probably get the all black, the olive green, or the mango.

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