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Humidifier for Coughs

Friday, July 13, 2012

We've all been suffering from a bad cough cold the past couple three weeks. I hadn't been taking any cold medicine because I'm breastfeeding. But last week I got desperate. My throat became so sore all the way down to my chest. So the doctor said that taking Mucinex DM would be fine. I also went in and got some Tessalon Perles. They seemed to work somewhat. The doc also said to use a humidifier.

I was a little skeptical about using the humidifier because we had used it in the past but didn't really see much benefit. Plus we live in a humid climate. However, every morning I have this strong urge to take a shower because I'm so congested (nose and chest). I noticed that the humidity from the shower stopped my cough attacks for a little while.

So I finally decided to have hubby break out the humidifier again. This time crank it up to be somewhat close to shower humidity. Not just the measley 45% that we've always used in the past. This time I slept with it up to 75-80%. And that did the trick. I didn't get up the 2-3 times at night with a coughing fit and have to go take meds, cough drops, honey, or sit upright. I also noticed my chest felt a lot more loosened up and less congested. My coughs were much fewer and much more productive when I did cough. Wow, I'm sold.

Since I slept all night that way, the effects seem to be pretty long lasting. Using the humidifier in conjunction with the cough meds seems to be a great solution for me. That and drinking honey with tea all day long, too.  We use the Heaven Fresh humidifier. It's been really great. It gives you the temp as well as the % humidity. It has nice controls to set the %, warm/cold, etc.

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Comment By Littlethings
Sunday, July 15, 2012 5:19 PM
I checked the humidifier again and found that the setting is for 90% humidity. The subsequent nights using the humidifers really loosened my chest congestion even more. To the point where I felt it flowing up even while I was lying down. It made me cough up a bunch. Even though coughing did seem to increase a bit, the following nights, they were very productive.

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